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Books I’ve Read Reading Log Printable

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I LOVE reading! It’s a past time I have worked hard to instill in my kids, but I’ll admit it’s getting off to a slow start!  This year I have challenged them to read 100 books, when they accomplish the task we will have a big surprise.  I’m open to ideas of what you think would really be big for an 8 & 11 year old.   In order to accomplish this task I went on the hunt for a fun way to keep track of all the books they are reading.

A printable with Books I've Read at the top and then clipart book spines on a shelf.

I found this cute printable from Starts at Eight and used it as a guideline for my own.   Each of my children have a bound reading journal, I included several reading log copies in the front of each journal, once we finish a book the kids add the title to a spine of the reading log printable.  My middle son likes to decorate the spine of each book, I wish my oldest would as well, but coloring just isn’t his thing.

As we’re implementing a lot of learning via books into our homeschool, reading 100 books this year shouldn’t be a problem!  It’s been a good motivator for the boys to see each book they have read get “marked” off in way.

I have 3 different versions of the Books I’ve Read printable for you to download.  Pick the one that best suits your child or have a combination of all three in their reading journal.

A printable with A Year In Books at the top and then clipart book spines on a shelf.

Why Reading is Important

More than a few studies have been conducted of why reading is important. Here are 10 reasons that reading is important:

  1. Reading helps with vocabulary.
  2. Reading is important in building concentration skills.  Being able to sit down and focus on reading, and remembering what you read, is hard for many.  My kids all struggle with this, and I find that it’s getting worse as they get older!  There are so many distractions at every turn.
  3. Helping build imagination.  My oldest really struggles with this!
  4. Reading helps improve memory, especially when asked to recall parts of the book.
  5. Reading provides character development through good character modeling.
  6. Children learn about feelings when they can relate to characters throughout the book.
  7. Kids can learn about different eras, religions, life skills, etc… through books, especially when the characters in books are similar in age.
  8. Reading helps to give us the tools needed to communicate better.  This is done through a broader vocabulary and having a greater knowledge of events, activities and general conversation pieces.
  9. Good readers often have a better grasp on spelling, which leads to better self esteem and being able to communicate the written word effectively.
  10. Reading with your child builds a better bonding experience.  I know when I’m diligent about reading with my kids we find more things to laugh and discuss in our everyday lives.

A printable with Books I've Read at the top and then clipart book spines on a shelf.

Printable Books I’ve Read Logs

Click the pictures above or the links below to start your free reading log journal downloads.

Dragon Reading Log

A Year In Books

Books I’ve Read Reading Log

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Terms of Use

**I hope you enjoy these printable reading log pages for your own household or kids and their learning. As with all printables on the internet I encourage you to use these reading activity pages for your own household or learning purposes. Share this page with others even, but please don’t use my work to make money.**

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