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I’m Brandy, a recent homeschooling mom with a degree in elementary education. 

I currently live in Colorado with my husband and 3 boys on a 1,200 acre potato and barley farm.  Yes it’s true,you can often find potatoes in some form on our table but trust me I’m not complaining.  Growing up I said I either need to marry a lemon farmer or a potato farmer.  I guess the later won out!  

In our spare time as a family we like to go geocaching, snowmobiling, four wheeling and as much traveling as we can get in.  The boys and I always seem to get a bit more than my husband in due to his busy spring, summer and fall schedule but we let him join us during the winter.  🙂  I also enjoy spending plenty of time in my sewing room or tucked into a good book!

I love to spend time in the kitchen!  Whether by myself or passing on my love of cooking and baking to my 3 boys the kitchen is rarely a bad place to be.  Ok, that might not be 100% true but rarely do I hate my job in the kitchen as long as I can add variety to our meals.